hesseflux provides functions used in the processing and post-processing of the Eddy covariance flux data of the ICOS ecosystem site FR-Hes.


hesseflux collects functions used for processing Eddy covariance data of the ICOS ecosystem site FR-Hes.

The package uses several functions of the JAMS Python package

The JAMS package and hesseflux are synchronised irregularly.

hesseflux includes a Python port of Logtools, the Logger Tools Software of Olaf Kolle, MPI-BGC Jena, (c) 2012.

The post-processing functionality for Eddy flux data is similar to the R-package REddyProc and includes basically the steps described in Papale et al. (Biogeosciences, 2006) plus some extensions such as the daytime method of flux partitioning (Lasslop et al., Global Change Biology 2010).

The complete documentation for hesseflux is available from Read The Docs.

Quick usage guide

An example script that makes all the steps described in Papale et al. (Biogeosciences, 2006) is given in the example directory. It is simply called:

python postproc_europe-fluxdata.py hesseflux_example.cfg

The script is governed by a configuration file in Python’s standard configparser format. The example configuration file hesseflux_example.cfg is highly commented. See the User Guide for a step by step guide through the script and the configuration file.


The easiest way to install is via pip:

pip install hesseflux

See the installation instructions for more information.


hesseflux is distributed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Copyright (c) 2009-2020 Matthias Cuntz

The project structure is based on a template provided by Sebastian Müller .

Contributing to hesseflux

Users are welcome to submit bug reports, feature requests, and code contributions to this project through GitHub.

More information is available in the Contributing guidelines.

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