The easiest way to install hesseflux is via pip:

pip install hesseflux

Manual install

The latest version of hesseflux can be installed from source:

git clone
cd hesseflux
pip install .

Local install

Users without proper privileges can append the –user flag to pip either while installing from the Python Package Index (PyPI):

pip install hesseflux --user

or from the top hesseflux directory:

git clone
cd hesseflux
pip install . --user

If pip is not available, then can still be used:

python install --user

When using locally, it might be that one needs to append –prefix= to the command:

python install --user --prefix=


hesseflux uses the packages numpy, scipy and pandas. They are all available in PyPI and pip should install them automatically. Installations via might need to install the three dependencies first.