hesseflux provides functions used in the processing and post-processing of the Eddy covariance flux data of the ICOS ecosystem site FR-Hes.

The package uses several functions of the JAMS Python package https://github.com/mcuntz/jams_python The JAMS package and hesseflux are synchronised irregularly.

hesseflux includes a Python port of Logtools, the Logger Tools Software of Olaf Kolle, MPI-BGC Jena, (c) 2012.

The post-processing functionality for Eddy flux data is similar to the R-package REddyProc and includes basically the steps described in Papale et al. (Biogeosciences, 2006) plus some extensions such as the daytime method of flux partitioning (Lasslop et al., Global Change Biology 2010).

copyright:Copyright 2009-2020 Matthias Cuntz, see AUTHORS.md for details.
license:MIT License, see LICENSE for details.


const Purpose
functions Purpose
argsort(a, *args, **kwargs) Wrapper for numpy.argsort, numpy.ma.argsort, and using sorted for Python iterables.
ascii2ascii(edate[, full, en, fr, us, eng, YY]) Convert date notations between ascii DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss, English YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss, American MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss, and French DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss.
date2dec([calendar, units, excelerr, yr, …]) Convert scalar and array_like with calendar dates into decimal dates.
dec2date(indata[, calendar, refdate, units, …]) Converts scale and array_like with decimal dates into calendar dates.
division(a, b[, otherwise, prec]) Divide two arrays, return otherwise if division by 0.
esat(T[, liquid, formula]) Calculates the saturation vapour pressure of water and/or ice.
fgui fgui : GUI dialogs to choose files and directories using Tkinter.
fread(infile[, nc, cname, skip, cskip, …]) Read numbers into array with floats from a file.
fsread(infile[, nc, cname, snc, sname, …]) Read from a file numbers into 2D float array as well as characters into 2D string array.
gapfill(dfin[, flag, date, timeformat, …]) Fills gaps in flux data from Eddy covariance measurements with Marginal Distribution Sampling (MDS) according to Reichstein et al.
mad(datin[, z, deriv, nozero]) Median absolute deviation test, either on raw values, or on 1st or 2nd derivatives.
madspikes(dfin[, flag, isday, colhead, …]) Spike detection for using a moving median absolute difference filter.
nee2gpp(dfin[, flag, isday, date, …]) Calculate photosynthesis (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (RECO) from Eddy covariance CO2 flux data.
sread(infile[, nc, cname, skip, cskip, …]) Read strings into string array from a file.
ustarfilter(dfin[, flag, isday, date, …]) Flag Eddy Covariance data using a threshold of friction velocity (u*) below which u* correlates with a reduction in CO2 flux.
logtools Purpose